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This is the offline version, since I'm cruising at the moment - so only cirtain pages work, and then only thumbnails are available. Sorry.

I've taken many pictures from special events, mostly with my Minolta digital camera - newest at the top. Some image collections also contain a voyage log/diary. Click the title at the top of the page to go back a level.


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The 2005 London Boat Show cruise organised by St Pancras Cruising Club. This includes a detour up the Bow Back River, and River Lea to Waltham Abbey. It also includes pictures from the filming of "The Last Detective" starring Peter Davidson, and Sean Hughes which happened directly opposite Shoestring! My Lister SR3 in loads of little bits, with explanations of the bits you can see.
After the Thames cruise I thought it would be a good idea to get the SR3 serviced, this is how. With pictures, and log. 2004 Bonfire at Bethels Bridge Boat Club, Hempholme
Since I decided to get a gold licence, I thought I better get some use out of it before the year end. Since we did the upper Thames last year, I thought it would be interesting to fill in the missing bit. With pictures, and log. Main holidays on board Narrowboat Kismet. From Hempholme to Burton, and back. Logs, and videos included.
A BBBC Cruise down to Beverley Beck, to go shopping and get drunk.
With Log
An extra long shopping trip, with a detour up the Grand Union to Batchworth.
With Log
A trip to Snakeholme lock for a working party, and a party party!
With Log
Transit of Venus. Some images taken with both the TV, and projected image
DNAA's Frodingham "Do"
Sprayfoaming Kismet
IWA Brentford Cruise with Steam Narrowboat President

Now with Ships Log!

St Pancras Cruising Club's Thames Tidal Barrier Cruise 2004.

Now with Ships Log!

Hempholme Sunrise
Bulls Bridge 2004 - A shopping trip!
With ship's log!
Bridges Cruise 2004 - A trip through Hull's lifting Bridges at high tide.
With ship's log!
Holidays 2003 - Hempholme, East Yorkshire to Crick, Northamptonshire
Now with added ships logs!
Holidays 2003 Crick Part II - The Chesterfield Chase - There and back again twice!!
Holidays 2003 - Hempholme, East Yorkshire to Beale Park, Berkshire
Images of the last flights of BA001, BA002, and BA003. Bethels Bridge Boat Club Boatfire Night, 2003.


All images are (c)Michael Askin, and are not to be used other than for personal viewing pleasure. Images used for other purposes must have clearance from me.